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How can I spend my Reward points?

Spending Reward points to buy tickets

You can purchase a Value or Anytime ticket, in exchange for Reward points. Anytime tickets are available in Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier on London routes.
Value Tickets are available in either Standard or Standard Premier (when travelling to and from London) and Standard, Comfort or Premium on all our other routes.
Value tickets have limited availability.
More information on Anytime tickets and Value tickets is available on the
Club Eurostar section, on
You will not earn Reward points or Status points for tickets purchase with Reward points.

Spending Reward points to upgrade

You may use your Reward points to upgrade an existing booking, from Standard to Standard Premier or from Standard to Comfort (depending on your route). You will not earn additional Reward points for the cost covering the upgrade.

Spending Reward points on discounted tickets

You may use your Reward points towards a discount on Eurostar tickets booked through You will earn Reward points based on the total value of the ticket purchased.


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