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How does the Club Eurostar tier freeze work and am I eligible?

We are adding a five-month extension to your current membership year. This means that you now have 12 + 5 months to (re)qualify for your current tier, or to upgrade to the next one. All Club Eurostar members will have received an extension.

You can login here and check your account to see your new membership end date. If you have received a tier extension prior to August 2020, you will have received an email from us letting you know how that extension affects your membership.

What happens once the five-month extension is finished?
After the five-month period, your Club Eurostar membership will revert back to a 12-month membership year and you will have 12 months to (re)qualify for your current tier or to upgrade to the next one.

If there is a second wave of COVID-19 and I can’t travel within the five months, will you be able to extend my Club Eurostar membership again?
We continue to monitor the situation and reserve the right to review the membership extension at any given time. We will be in touch if any changes are being made.

My Club Eurostar renewal date was prior to August and I could not travel from March. As a result, I lost my tier or could not upgrade. Can you consider extending my membership?
We are sorry that the current situation has affected your membership. We have given all club members five-month extensions, so you will have extra time to qualify for a higher tier in your current membership year.

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