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I’ve lost my Eurostar ticket, what should I do?

Thankfully, we live in a digital world. All tickets can be accessed via your account.

Travelling between Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany

If you’ve lost your ticket on our continental routes, the train manager will be able to access it for you. You’ll just need to provide the correct reference number. 

To avoid delays and make life easier for everyone, please ensure you travel with all the documents required to board.

Travelling to and from London

All tickets can be accessed digitally, via your account.

Like the feeling of a paper ticket?

It’s easy to print tickets again. Simply log in to Manage your booking and hit print.

Can’t print at home?

No problem. Take your six-letter booking reference and the card you paid with to the Eurostar ticket office at least an hour before your train leaves.

Please note: we can’t re-issue connecting UK train tickets as these are provided by local train companies.

If you have lost your booking reference please contact us.

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