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What are the fare conditions between London to Amsterdam and Rotterdam

For Standard and Standard Premier, our usual ticket conditions apply. This means tickets are non-refundable but can be changed prior to departure subject to a fee and the difference in fares. Tickets between Brussels and Rotterdam or Amsterdam can be changed subject to fare difference without any change fee being charged.

A £10 service fee per transaction is also charged for Standard and Standard Premier booking changes made over the phone.

For Business Premier, tickets are fully flexible prior to departure. They can be changed free of charge to an alternative connection (including those involving a Thalys train to Brussels with a change onto a Eurostar train there), and are fully refundable. Exceptionally, Business Premier tickets on this route cannot be exchanged or cancelled after departure. This is to ensure full flexibility with trains that require a change in Brussels – enabling a greater number of daily connections.

All fees and ticket conditions can also be found here.


Alcohol on Board:
Although you can bring alcohol with you and we serve alcohol on board, safety is our top priority. So, please drink in moderation.
If you behave in an antisocial way which ruins the journey for other passengers or break any laws or by-laws, we might ask you to leave the train at the nearest station.

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