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What is Eurostar Junior Traveller?

Eurostar Junior Traveller is for children and teens aged 8 to 15, hopping across the Channel sans mum or dad.
They’ll join a group of up to six other children and one of our Junior Traveller chaperones.
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Why are Junior Traveller tickets only available on certain trains and routes?
At the moment, we’re just trialling the service but we might look at rolling it out across more trains and routes if it proves popular.

Can my child travel one way with Junior Traveller?
Yes, of course.

My child is nearly 8, can they travel with Junior Traveller?
Unfortunately not. We can only take children and teens aged 8 to 15.

Are tickets refundable or exchangeable?
Junior Traveller tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

My child would like to take more luggage than he or she can carry. Is there a porter service?
Unfortunately there isn’t, so please make sure your child can carry their own bags.
They can bring two bags (up to 85cm), up to 10kg, and one small piece of hand luggage.

How qualified are the Junior Traveller chaperones who’ll travel with my child?
All our Junior Traveller chaperones hold a BAFA qualification and have passed the appropriate safety checks required for working with children.

Will my child be looked after throughout the journey?
Yes, one of our dedicated Junior Traveller chaperones will look after your child every step of the way. When they arrive at their destination, they’ll stay with your child until they’re collected.

What if my child loses his or her passport during the journey?
The Junior Traveller pack contains a small pouch for their passport, which your child can wear around their neck.

What if the nominated adult is unable to collect my child at Arrivals?
It’s essential that the nominated person can collect your child at Arrivals. If they can’t make it for any reason, we’ll call you and liaise with local authorities, but this will cause a considerable delay.
Can you give my child their medicine?
For safety reasons, unfortunately not.

What if I need to contact my child?
You'll be given a hotline number to use if you need to. If your child's journey is delayed, we'll send you a text message or give you a call.

Do I need to pack a picnic for my child?
Although the journey takes less than two and a half hours, we recommend packing them a snack and drink for the journey, just in case they get peckish or the train’s running late. They won’t be able to pick anything up in the departure lounge or on board.

Will there be activities on board?
We’ll provide activities to keep them amused en route, but they’re welcome to bring their own books, magazines or games.

What if my child needs to go to the loo during the journey?
Although the chaperone won’t be able to take them to the loo, the group will be sitting nearby. So, they’ll be able to keep an eye on them when they go.

What time should we arrive at the station?
Please arrive at the station 90 minutes before departure. The group will go through the ticket gates 45-60 minutes before departure. If you arrive less than 45 minutes before departure, your child won’t be able to travel.
You’ll find our Junior Traveller team at the dedicated meeting point, next to the Business Premier ticket office in London and just past the ticket office in Paris.
You’ll have to stay at the station until the train leaves, just in case it’s running late or it’s cancelled.
Whoever’s collecting your child will need to be at Arrivals at least 15 minutes before the train is due and bring their photo ID with them. If there are any problems, please call the hotline number you’re given as soon as possible.

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