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Can I cancel my ticket and get a refund?

Whether or not you can get a refund depends on which travel class you chose and how you booked.

You can view the conditions of your ticket via
Manage your Booking.

Travelling to or from London

Standard and Standard Premier

Tickets are non-refundable and you can’t change your departure or destination stations.

Business Premier

You can refund your ticket for free at any point before departure on all of our routes.

For trains between the UK, France and Belgium, we also allow exchanges or refunds up to 60 days after your booked departure if you decided not to travel.

Travelling between France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

Standard and Comfort

You can get a full refund up to seven days before departure. Tickets are non-refundable within six days of departure.


You can get a full refund up to one hour after departure.

Click here for more info.

Please be aware that for requests made on the phone or at the station, there is a service charge of £12/€14/$20 per transaction.

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