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Can I take my bike on Eurostar?

Folding bikes
Folding bikes can be taken on any Eurostar train, as long as they’re smaller than 85cm when fully folded. Before going through the ticket gates, they’ll also need to be in a protective case that covers the whole bike. If not, your bike will need to be sent with EuroDespatch, our registered luggage service.

Non-folding bikes
All non-folding bikes or those over 85cm long will need to travel with EuroDespatch.

Between London, Paris and Brussels, we are able to transport your bike on most direct services between these stations. If you are traveling at the beginning or end of the day or on a service to Brussels that continues to Amsterdam (9114 and 9148) we may not be able to book your bike on the same train as you but we should be able to get it on to a train arriving within a few hours of yours.

On these routes there are a couple of options:

1. In a bike bag or box
Using a padded bike bag or bike box is the best option for protecting your bike. If you don’t have your own, EuroDespatch will provide a box for you, the cost of which is included in the fee. If you choose this option, we recommend arriving at least 90 minutes before you train departs, to allow you time to dismantle your bike.

2. Fully assembled
If you’d prefer to keep your bike in one piece, EuroDespatch has a limited number of spaces for fully assembled bikes, usually two per train.

From London to Lille we have a limited number of spaces per train to take bikes in a bag or box, we cannot transport bikes fully assembled, this can be pre-booked. If you are traveling from Lille to London, we only offer a walk-up service, although this cannot be pre-booked, we guarantee that your bike will arrive in London within 24 hours.

For our direct service from London to Amsterdam, we can transport two bikes on the morning service either fully assembled or in a bike box and this can be pre-booked.

If you are travelling back from Amsterdam to London using a Thalys train to Brussels, please make sure to give yourself at least 90 minutes when arriving in Brussels to drop off your bike. Thalys only accept bikes in bags, full details on this can be found on their website.
Two bikes can also be taken on the Eurostar train to Brussels, departing Amsterdam Centraal at 16:48 and these will then be taken on the next direct service back to London. You will be able to call us to pre-book your bike on to Eurostar sections of this route.

The price range for taking non-folding bikes with us is below.
To check availability or make a booking for any of these options, please
call 0344 822 5822 between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. For general enquires you can also email


Booking duration before departure

121-180 days

61-120 days

60 days or less





Boxed - Cycling UK Members




Fully assembled




Unfortunately, even if they’re in a protective box or case, bikes larger than 85cm long can’t travel to or from
Ashford International,
Ebbsfleet International,
Calais Fréthun,
Disneyland® Paris,
Lyon Part-Dieu, Avignon TGV,
Marseille Saint-Charles,
Ski destinations,
Rotterdam Centraal,
On routes where you're taking a connecting train
If you’re travelling to any of these destinations, our partner First Luggage may be able to help. As a Eurostar customer you’ll receive an exclusive discount.
Onward connections
If your trip involves a connecting train (for instance TGV or Thalys), it is best to check the train operator’s website to ensure you are able to take your bike on board their trains before you book. 

For anything else please see our dedicated bikes page.

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