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How can I use my e-voucher?

Simply go to and find the tickets you’d like to book. Then, when you get to the Checkout page, enter your e-voucher code and click Apply.

Having issues? Here are some tips:

- Enter your 9 or 16 character e-voucher code at checkout.
- Your e-voucher code can be found on the e-voucher email we sent you.
- You can use multiple e-vouchers towards a new booking.
- If the value of your new booking is greater than the value of your e-voucher, you will need to pay the difference.
- The currency of your booking needs to be the same as the currency of your e-voucher.
- The expiry date of your e-voucher is the deadline for redeeming it. But you can use your e-voucher to pay for a trip taking place after this date.
- After booking, any remaining value will stay on the e-voucher to be used before its expiry date (this cannot be refunded). You will receive an email to confirm the remaining balance.
- It's not possible to use e-voucher towards the cost of an exchange or upgrade.

Compensation voucher
If the order value is greater than your e-voucher, you pay the difference. If the order value is less than your e-voucher, the voucher stays active until expiry.

Thalys e-voucher bought with Miles
If you previously had a Thalys e-voucher, it is now no longer active and has been refunded.

Promotional voucher
Please refer to the conditions of the promotion.

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