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How can I use my e-voucher?

Simply go to and find the tickets you’d like to book. Then, when you get to the checkout page, enter your 16-character e-voucher code and click ‘Apply’. Your e-voucher code can be found on the e-voucher email we sent you.

Having issues? Here are some tips:

- Can’t find your e-voucher email?
Search your emails for 'Eurostar e-voucher'. Don't forget to check your spam folder.

- If your code isn’t recognised, make sure you haven’t copied/pasted any extra characters. It’s easy to copy some extra ‘space’ characters by mistake. Or you might have mixed up some characters (for example, using the number ‘0’ instead of the letter ‘O’).

- The currency of your booking needs to be the same as the currency of your e-voucher.

- It's not possible to use an e-voucher towards the cost of an exchange or upgrade.

Also useful to know:

- You can use multiple e-vouchers towards a new booking.

- If the value of your new booking is greater than the value of your e-voucher, you will need to pay the difference.

- After booking, any remaining value will stay on the e-voucher to be used before its expiry date. You will receive an email to confirm the remaining balance.

- The expiry date of your e-voucher is the deadline for redeeming it. But you can use your e-voucher to pay for a trip taking place after this date.

Compensation voucher
If the order value is greater than your e-voucher, you’ll pay the difference. If the order value is less than your e-voucher, your e-voucher will stay active until expiry.

Thalys e-voucher bought with Miles
If you previously had a Thalys e-voucher, it is now no longer active and has been refunded.

Promotional voucher
Please refer to the conditions of the promotion.

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