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Where can I find my ticket number?

The ticket number starts with either IV or 15. It should not be confused with the booking reference. 

On printed tickets at home, you will find it at the bottom of the page. On the tickets withdrawn at the station, it is located on the lower right. 

On mobile phone tickets, you will find it under the 6-letter booking reference (PNR). If you have downloaded your ticket to iOS Wallet (formerly Passbook), please call us on 08432 186186 to find out your ticket number.

Number beginning with IV
Simply enter the nine digits following the IV. 
 Example: IV 123456789 

number starting with 15
Enter the nine digits following the 15. Disregard the last digit. 
Example: 15 123456789 0 

number starting with 814
If your number starts with 814, it corresponds to the electronic ticket issued by your travel agency. The actual ticket number is on your boarding pass. 

Can not find your ticket number? Contact us for help. 

Do you plan to enroll in the Eurostar ™ Frequent Traveler program? 
To open a Eurostar ™ Frequent Traveler account, do not forget to enter the nine-digit number of your ticket (worth € 285 or more) no later than 3 months after your trip. 

If you need help, please send an email to eft@eurostar.com writing 'EFT membership application form' in the subject line.

On mobile tickets, you’ll find the number under the six-letter booking reference (PNR). If you downloaded your ticket to iOS Wallet (previously Passbook), you’ll need to call us on 03432 186 186 to get your ticket number.

mobile boarding pass

Or on the boarding pass as below

boarding pass
If you have a Printed ticket, please see the image below which will show you were the ticket number is located.  Ticket number either start with IV followed by nine digits.  These nine digits are what you will need to open a Eurostar™ Frequent Traveller account or claim compensation for a delayed service. 

814 numbers
If your number begins 814, this is an e-ticket number created by your travel agent. You’ll find the actual ticket number on your boarding cards as per above image. 

Can’t find your ticket number? Get in touch and we’ll help you.

Joining Eurostar™ Frequent Traveller?
Don’t forget, to open a Eurostar™ Frequent Traveller account, you’ll need to enter the nine digit number no more than three months after you travelled on a single or return ticket that came to £250 or more.

If you need any help, email eft@eurostar.com with the subject line 'EFT application form'

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