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Booking a space for your luggage on a train to/from London (Eurostar Travel Services)

This service is currently limited to selected trains between London and Paris or Brussels, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
We’ll only accept excess or oversized luggage booked via our Travel Services team. If this service is not available for your journey, you’ll need to contact a courier to have your excess or oversized luggage sent to your destination.

Not sure what qualifies as excess or oversized luggage? It’s anything over 85 cm or exceeding the number of bags you can take as part of your luggage allowance.
Which items can I book via Eurostar Travel Services?  
We can accept:

  • items up to 30kg

  • items not exceeding the following dimensions: H:165cm x D:57cm x W:135cm

  • Musical instruments which don’t fit on a seat (between 85cm and 136cm)

  • Sports equipment including bikes

There are items you can’t book a space for or take with you on our trains. Read about prohibited items.
Which trains can I book my luggage on?  
London to Paris:
Any train departing London between 08:01 (train 9008) and 15:31 (train 9036)
Paris to London:
Any train departing Paris between 11:13 (train 9023) and 18:13 (train 9051)
London to Brussels:
Trains departing at 09:01 (train 9116), 13:01 (train 9132) and 15:04 (train 9142)
Brussels to London:
Trains departing at 07:56 (9113), 08:52 (train 9117), 12:52 (train 9135), 14:52 (train 9141) and 17:56 (train 9153)

Train times are provided as a guideline. Sometimes, they may change by a few minutes due to engineering works. If in doubt, please refer to the train number.

To comply with travel and customs regulations, you must travel on the same train as the luggage sent via Eurostar Travel Services.

How much does the luggage service cost?
Please note that the prices below are for a one-way journey.  


Excess luggage

Oversized items (items over 85cm)

Sport equipment, including bikes

Musical Instruments

Booked more than 48hrs before departure





Booked less than 48hrs before departure





How do I book my luggage on a train?
To check availability or book a space, please complete this
booking form, and send it back to either in pdf, Word or jpeg format. If you can’t use the form, you’re welcome to include all the required details in an email. Please mention your date of travel in the subject field. It will help us to prioritise requests more efficiently.  
The Eurostar Travel Services team will attempt to respond within 7 – 10 days. There may be some delays at busier times.
On the day of travel, you’ll need to bring your luggage to the Eurostar Travel Services office at least 90 minutes before your train is due to leave. Please take this into consideration when planning your journey to your Eurostar departure station.  
Items will be handed back on the platform upon arrival so make sure you only bring what you can safely carry. We’re unable to provide trolleys.

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